Now available – Interface Connect is the latest development of Coreworx`s leading interface management software. The processes that projects have trusted for years make them simpler and more efficient for all parties involved. Interface Connect provides project teams with automated tools that facilitate the formal coordination of cooperation between parties at interfaces for large capital projects. Interface Connect manages the communications and activities necessary to define and control the scope demarcation, track all interface requirements to the end, and ensure that key stakeholders are kept informed. ICDs are often used where subsystems are developed asynchronously over time, as they provide a structured way to communicate information about subsystem interfaces between different subsystem design teams. [7] [8] [9] Recently, with Michael Pappas of CII and Olivier Calas of McDermott International, I presented a webinar that covered the benefits of interface management, implementation examples, and figures on the results it can provide to projects to minimize project cost growth. During the webinar, we received many questions. We answered each person individually, but we also noticed a few common topics that evolve in the types of questions that are asked. We`ve summarized some of our most frequently asked questions on these topics and shared the answers below. (If you are interested in the webinar, you can go to the webinar recording.) Whether interface management is a new concept for you or you may already have an IM program, Coreworx IM SmartCheck can help you better understand MI practice and determine how to implement or optimize your program to achieve the best results.

If you have any further questions regarding the interface management practice or our interface management solution, please send them to us and we will gladly send you an answer. 7. Can you share your experience on how you manage the interface information long awaited by another contractor? Delays in information affect your business. The messages and observation lists generated by the system prompt managers to take action with respect to high-risk interfaces or interface activities on the critical channel. In addition, these notifications communicate changes in interface status to important stakeholders. Agile and tactical method to assist in the assignment and execution of key activities as part of an interface agreement. 1. What is the project threshold (e.g.B. size, complexity, etc.) when a formal interface management program is required? 6. What could be considered soft interfaces and difficult interfaces? 3.

How are interface agreements organized within or independently of traditional construction contracts? Are they an add-on or are they used in the same way as variants with interface agreements covered by an additional clause? Or are they completely separate agreements and, if so, what additional legal support can be expected to manage them? If each contractor uses a different tool, integration is very difficult. If the tools support an API, this is possible, but it would be very difficult depending on the number of contractors and tools used. They will also face consistency challenges in data collection, not only by ensuring that the same data is collected for each interface, but also by ensuring that it is available in the same format. An example of this is when multiple tables are used. A project coordinator is someone who helps project teams manage resources and assist with project planning and activities. However, the role of the interface manager is to ensure that all different entities receive their requests for input from other entities (including external parties) in a timely manner. The interface manager also acts as a moderator, resolves conflicts, monitors progress, may be responsible for developing the master interface plan, and ensures that interface expectations are met….