Buying land in Uganda is the easiest way to own or get rid of the dream. Unfortunately, because people don`t follow the right chains, they`ve almost made buying land a synonym for Conmen. Buying land in Uganda cannot be a problem, especially if you are using legitimate essential processes. It is important to note that their rights as buyers of real estate are protected only by the application of appropriate legal procedures. In this context, Ecoland Property Services presents you with basic legal procedures for stress-free real estate investments. The applicant brought this action against the defendant for infringement and recovery of the land in mawokota 268 land 37 as well as developments in Kayabwe and Lubanda, Mpigi district. The complainants allege that the defendant sold him the piece of land in question, which included a school called Southern College Kayabwe for a consideration of USD 48,485 (equivalent to 160,000,000/shillings) and which was agreed upon. It is alleged that the defendant signed transfer forms and the title was created in favour of the complainant, but the defendant has since refused to give the plaintiff free possession of the property and refused to repay the money. The defendant contends that it was the registered owner of the aforementioned land and that in 2015 it lent the applicant a loan of USD 48,485 for an amount of 160,000,000/shillings, including interest, which must be paid within three months.

The defendant claims to have filed its certificate of ownership as collateral for the alleged loan, accompanied by un expired transfer forms, in favour of the applicant, which he transferred on his behalf in 2016 and which is the subject of this action. When all the conditions are set between the two parties, the supporters will accelerate and attest to the effect of the agreement. After the execution, the agreed down payment is extended by the buyer through his lawyer to the seller`s lawyer or directly to the owner`s account. However, the safest way to protect the buyer`s money is to leave it in the lawyer`s account, since it acts as an audit against fraudsters. Counsel for the complainant stated in The Counter-Word that when the defendant was asked, under cross-examination, whether he had indeed been forced to sign the contract, he stated that he had misused the word, but that he wanted to mean that he was zealous in money. When the registration course is completed, the legitimate ownership of the property must have changed there, and then the owner legally. To expedite the registration of the transfer, the following documents must be available. These include the initial deed of ownership of the land, the original stamp duty and receipt forms, the properly stamped transfer documents, the original paid rents and certificate of authorization, the stamp duty assessment report, the initial transfer authorization authorization plus the registration application. A professional lawyer is very important in almost every stage of land acquisition. He`ll technically advise you on what to do. Counsel added that PW1, a lawyer for the applicant stated that the defendant was signed transfer forms in favor of the applicant and the title in favor of the applicant.

That the defendant admit, in paragraph 5 of the written defence brief, that he signed a contract to purchase land and that he also signed the transfer forms in favour of the applicant. He added that according to S.