Origin says the contract resembled a contract it signed earlier this year with NSW University to provide a solid generation to complete the planned launch contract with Sunraysia Solar Power. In order for a company to buy energy directly from the producer, power purchase contracts (PPAs) are becoming more and more popular. Some airports, including Sydney, JFK and Bristol, have already made the leap; Are there other things to follow? Adele Berti will find out. Electricity agreed under the agreement accounts for up to 75% of Sydney Airport`s electricity consumption. The AAEs will be supported by Origin, which will provide solid electricity to Sydney Airport as part of an electricity supply agreement. At a separate event, Roger Price, the CEO of Windlab – whose company last week signed a power purchase agreement with retailer Flow Power to take over much of the power of 104 MW wind farms in North Queensland – says business interest is growing. Under the long-term agreement, Sydney Airport will be powered by wind power from the Crudine Ridge wind farm, which was ordered by Origin, producing solid production when the wind is not blowing enough to cover the airport load. A single agreement with Origin will use increasingly popular firming contracts. In this case, this means that Origin will enter into a direct contract with Crudine Ridge and then guarantee the delivery of Sydney Airport with a generation or „fixed“ contracts if the wind does not blow enough to meet the needs of the airports. Organizations such as ACI Europe and the re-source platform come into play.

Douglas concludes: „The agreement we signed with ACI Europe is a very strong signal of this change in mentality. This is a recognition [of ACI Europe]: „We understand that renewable energy is competitive and can provide long-term sustainable energy for our members.“ „Sydney is Australia`s busiest airport, operating 24 hours a day, and the combination of wind and consolidation is perfect to cope with their load and help them move to a cleaner energy supply.“ Earlier this year, Origin signed a pioneering agreement with NSW University to enable fixed production to complement the university`s launch contract with Sunraysia Solar Farm, and saw growing interest from customers who wanted more sustainable energy in conjunction with the assurance of energy consolidation and the management of expert portfolios. But despite these advantages, airports have only begun to take an interest in recent years, with Douglas taking the conservative mentality mentioned above as responsible. „The reason this doesn`t happen right now is simply the lack of awareness of cost competitiveness,“ he continues, „and the explanation of how to manage these cases.“ „AAEs are a growing trend as more and more companies see the benefits of securing longer-term fixed-price power purchase agreements,“ says Allens partner Kate Axup. „It is encouraging to see that companies are focusing on the safety of renewable energy as part of their energy mix.