If you have already been approved, active is said. You can top up your account via an electronic ACH, bank transfer, check, ACAT transfer, internal transfer or securities deposit. To get started, log in to your account under www.tdameritrade.com and go to the accounts> Deposit/Payment. Depending on the method you choose to fund the account, the corresponding instructions will be provided to you accordingly. For more details, click here: www.tdameritrade.com/funding-and-transfers.page Please download the platform by logging into your account at www.tdameritrade.com and clicking trade>Trading Platforms>thinkorswim>download thinkorswim. Level II shows the best prices for each of the exchanges that make stock and option markets. 1. User Manual – The User Manual is a document of more than 50 pages that guides you through all the pros and cons of the platform. Learn how to act, monitor, analyze, find business opportunities, and personalize your business experience. To access the manual, click HERE. 2. Video tutorials, article and glossary. Everything here on this site! 3.

FAQ – You read them! 4. Seminars, both live and archived. Here you will find live seminars. You can find archived items by clicking on Support/Chat in the upper right corner of the platform and selecting “Seminars”. 5. Videos on tdameritradenetwork.com/. Platform demonstration: HERE. 6. thinkScript® Manual you will find HERE.