– NFR Licenses – Access to Technical Certifications and Validations – TAP Alliance Alias tapalliance@vmware.com Support – TAP Technical Assistance – Marketing Material Co-Branding Templates Please contact tapalliance@vmware.com if you have any questions regarding membership or renewal. Your TAP extension cycle will start on your renewal date and remain open for 45 days. Note that you cannot extend before the renewal date. During the 45-day extension period, you will not lose any benefits and your membership level and solution area remains intact. Renewal notifications are sent to the primary contact 30-60 and 90 days before the extension, allowing you to prepare the payment and verify the new TAP agreement. On your renewal date, the renewal link will be available and you can begin the renewal process. The renewal process consists of three steps: if other licenses are added to the NFR bundle, the main contact with the partner can view them through the onDemand NFR Partner portal. If you have any questions, please contact tapalliance@vmware.com. Partners who already have existing VCP certifications can apply to taptech@vmware.com to start meeting this requirement. Acquiring VMware field control is the final step towards a new TAP stage. Once you`ve met all the other tap requirements, send tapalliance@vmware.com an email to begin the field verification process. The TAP team will contact a member of our field team to look for outstanding partnership issues that need to be addressed before we can proceed with the animal upgrade.

Partners can indicate the name of a field manager as a point of contact if they would like the TAP team to discuss a possible promotion. Please send an e-mail vmcisv@vmware.com. A member of the team will contact us with information about the first steps. To request a personalized press release, please contact tapcollateral@vmware.com. Any press release mentioning VMware must be definitively approved prior to release. Partner Connect users do not have the ability to edit or delete contacts in the partner account. Please send these requests to tapalliance@vmware.com. . There are a few reasons why your application may not be displayed:. .

. “Our collaboration with Pivotal and VMware is designed to support the digital transformation of their enterprise customers,” said Rod Hamlin, vice president of global alliances and strategic partnerships at Redis Labs. “With Redis Enterprise on PKS, our goal is to help developers modernize their applications on container technology and deploy microservices-based applications with the flexibility and simplicity they expect from cloud-native container-based solutions.” If a partner uses all incident support requests provided within a year, additional support must be purchased through the sales channel. More information on purchases by incident can be found here. Work with VMware to increase customer adoption of joint solutions in the marketplace. Accelerate time-to-market for new software features while reducing the cost and risk of running applications…. Maximize transparency, context, and control to safeguard interactions between users, applications, and data…. Designed for partners who have demonstrated measurable effects on the market. . The Technology Alliance Partner Program was developed exclusively for VMware application, infrastructure, and hardware partners who enable them to integrate their products and solutions into VMware offerings to create common solutions. The program targets partners to one of three levels of the program in five VMware solution areas. Partners benefit from technical and marketing resources to foster joint commercial success.

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