You look like a model tenant, because decoration and maintenance are really his responsibility. I would be inclined to write her a very nice letter in which I could suggest to her that if her name has changed, she would like to issue another lease, perhaps after this long and so satisfying agreement by issuing it for two years. There is always a danger that this will cause her and her new husband to reassess the situation and decide to sell, but you will feel very insecure and insecure anyway. Knowing what she intends to do probably won`t be worse than what it isn`t. I don`t see the benefit of keeping the keys unless you think it`s possible you want to return to the property. They made a very reasonable offer to pay for the next two months. If the landlord wanted to take you to Small Claims Court, they would have to prove that it was reasonable for you to have to pay rent until the end of the tenancy. Two months should be more than enough to get a new tenant. How can we legally protect ourselves in this case? Do we have to publish a new agreement? We suggest that as soon as the contracts for the purchase of the property are exchanged, we should give the tenant a period of two months. We have been waiting for a new lease for a few weeks now. Although the existing contract failed, we were not worried as we thought we would have a legal periodic lease until the new contract was in effect. But now the owner has changed his mind again and says he wants to offer the property for sale – once again. However, he doesn`t want us to leave until the property is sold.

The term “having and eating cake” comes to mind. I would like to rent my twin semi-detached house to my daughter who is 17 and her friend who is 18. Can my daughter sign the lease if she is under 18? What options do we have if she can`t sign as a minor? You`re right – a legal periodic rental continues without an agreement. If your landlord accepts what is due to the fact that they have not given a new rental or that they have served you with a notice of termination, I do not see that they have any reason to withhold your deposit. I would discuss it with him. If he refuses to return the deposit, take him to Small Claims Court. I hope to rent a room in my house. I am the owner. The tenant will have a room equipped with a bed and access to all living areas, bathing areas except my room. I would like to draft an accommodation contract and I was wondering if you could tell me what needs to be written in it. Would you recommend that a deposit be required as well? I have a tenant who moved into my property in 1994 without an official lease. He now denies me access to my property at any time.

I am a private owner with nine properties. As part of my leases, the following terms can be found under the heading “Restrictions on Use and Use”: “1) use the premises as a single private residence for the tenant`s personal use and not use any other person, whether or not they are family members of the tenant; and (2) not to sublet or sublet partially or partially transfer the premises or to share ownership or use of all or part of the premises”. I understand your concerns about your daughter, but I think the landlord can emphasize that. Of course, she doesn`t have to stick to it – but she would almost certainly get notice from the landlord to end her tenancy. Nowadays, where personal safety is such an issue, it seems ridiculous that the owner wants to put it at risk, but some owners prefer cash because checks can bounce back – maybe he had a bad experience with someone. .